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Nonfiction/Memoir/Aging Spotlight: I Will Never Forget by Elaine C. Pereira Book Tour & Giveaway

Virtual Book Tour Dates: 6/23/14 – 7/21/14

Genres:  Non-Fiction; Memoir; Aging

I Will Never Forget is the incredible true story of the author’s talented mother’s poignant and often humorous journey through the mystifying haze of Dementia. Through superb stories of Elaine’s childhood, from her controversial name, tales of smoking’ dragons and the feisty teenage years, her mother Betty Ward’s wonderful character is revealed.
Over time, as their relationship evolves and a new paradigm is formed, Betty begins to exhibit goofy actions, uncharacteristic verbal assaults and bizarre thinking. Although clearly mystified by her mother’s irrational behaviors, Elaine does not appreciate the extent of Betty’s mental decline. Her amazing ability to mask the truth clouds Elaine’s vision and prolongs her denial until one cataclysmic explosion of reality over an innocuous drapery rod launches a waterfall of destructive events.
As her mother’s brilliant mind is steadily destroyed by Dementia’s insatiable appetite for brain cells, Elaine accompanies her mother on her journey. She witnesses Betty’s fascinating visions of her own mother, masterful Houdini-like disappearances and finally a stunning rally to take control of her own destiny.
I Will Never Forget is a heartwarming, humorous, honest and deeply moving story pertinent to everyone touched by the insidious effects of Dementia. Learn from Elaine’s unwitting mistakes as she weaves her way through her mother’s unpredictable disease to capture insightful and effective intervention strategies.

Chapter 28: The Ugly Truth:

But as the adult, the nebulous abyss of being a parent to your parent is a delicate responsibility. Balancing respect and autonomy and naturally expecting them to be accurate when they tell you, I’ll be fine is a daunting challenge. Somewhere deep down, you know it’s not true. They are no longer fine.

Connect With The Author:

Elaine Pereira retired as a school Occupational Therapist with more than 30 years experience in pediatrics and a decade in adult home care. She earned her Bachelor’s Degree from Wayne State University in OT and her Master’s in Liberal Arts. Pereira maintains her OT licensure and holds Certifications as a Dementia Caregiver and Practitioner. She and her husband Joseph live in southeastern Michigan with their two big dogs Bailey and Maddee and Snoopy the cat. Together they have five adult children, Elaine’s twin daughters and Joe’s three sons and five grandchildren.
I Will Never Forget-A Daughter’s Story of Her Mother’s Arduous and Humorous Journey Through Dementia is Elaine’s first book, a memoir in tribute to her amazingly talented mother. Pereira writes for, Alzheimer’s Reading Room, Endear For Alzheimer’s and a variety of guest blog posts. She has been featured in four television spots, Fox 2 Detroit, Living Dayton and Fox 45 Dayton and The Best of Aging magazine, April 2013 edition.
Her hobbies include golf, sewing, hand-craft projects and gardening. She has traveled extensively throughout the United States and world wide including Europe; Madeira, Portugal; Australia; Seoul and Hong Kong.
Now she networks extensively to advance Alzheimer’s awareness and donates from each book sold to Alzheimer’s research.

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Laurie Larsen - Roadtrip to Redemption


It started as a trip to lose old memories. It became a journey to find her heart.
Leslie Malone faces an empty, lonely summer. Her marriage is over. Her daughter is overseas, living her dream. Her students are enjoying a carefree summer break. What's the purpose of her life if she's not a wife, mother and teacher? The idea of a roadtrip beckons her. Aimless wandering? Or inspired discovery? A woman of faith, she asks God for His guidance, then does her best to follow His direction.

Hank Harrison is a quiet man, good with his hands, but short on words. He's paid a heavy price for not forgiving his son for horrible mistakes made years ago, mistakes with vast consequences. Hank recognizes Leslie as an answer to his prayers, and together, they begin to mend their futures.

Neither of them plans to fall in love. Will the worst summer of Leslie's life become the season that redeems them both? 

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Author Bio:

A Project Manager by day in the fast-paced world of Information Technology, Laurie escapes to her fictional worlds by night.  About to celebrate 15 years as a published author, Laurie has released eight full-length novels and one novella, with plans to release a new series, starting with Book 1, Roadtrip to Redemption in May.  Laurie has written in a number of romance subgenres:  contemporary romance, women's fiction, Young Adult fiction and inspirational romance.  Her 2009 release Preacher Man, won the EPIC Award for Best Spiritual Romance.  Her new series, Pawleys' Island Paradise returns her to her award-winning genre of Christian-themed love stories.  Laurie is known for her tender treatment of everyday life with just a touch of worst case scenario.


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Jewish Non-Fiction/Memoir Feature & Giveaway: A Stone for Benjamin by Fiona Gold Kroll

Virtual Book Tour Dates: 6/2/14 – 6/30/14
Genres: Non-Fiction, Biographies & Memoirs

Since childhood, author Fiona Gold Kroll has been drawn to a photograph of her great-uncle, Benjamin Albaum, a Jewish man who disappeared from Paris at the beginning of World War II. A Stone for Benjamin is the compelling story of Fiona’s quest to discover his fate. Chasing Holocaust shadows across Europe and beyond, Fiona begins her powerful journey searching for clues with nothing more than a misspelled name, old photographs and family stories. Determined to uncover the truth about Benjamin’s life and death and France’s betrayal of its Jewish population, Fiona pieces together her great-uncle’s life, elevating Benjamin’s legacy from a number tattooed on his arm at Auschwitz to a more complete memory of the vibrant man he was.

See the book trailer on Youtube

As I sit on the comfortable sofa in the familiar warmth of my parents’ living room, I look forward to hearing my mother repeat the same stories I’ve heard since I was a child. I cup both hands around the mug while I sip my hot tea, and Mom and Dad sit down across from me.
“Where do you want to begin?” she asks. Pen poised, I say, “Let’s start with all the names of Grandma’s family: parents, brothers, sisters, cousins, anyone else you can think of, including those related by marriage, even if you’re not one hundred percent sure.”
She nods.
“Then I want to hear all the stories again, as Grandma told them to you.”
As my mother speaks, I write down every detail and try to connect all of my relatives. It’s a daunting task, because some of my cousins intermarried. Creating a family tree should be interesting, I chuckle to myself. We talk about the many dynamics of my grandmother’s family before the war: ninety-eight Albums in one town, constantly in and out of one another’s houses.
“When was the last time Grandma heard from Benjamin?” I ask.
Mom looks thoughtful as she sips her tea. “Early in the war, I think he was trying to get papers for the family to escape to England, but suddenly his letters stopped coming.”
Convinced that the Nazis murdered the entire family during the Holocaust, my mother tells me that she’s nervous of “digging too deep” for fear of what we may discover. “I don’t think I want to know the details,” she says.
 “I understand what you’re saying, Mom, but Benjamin disappeared without a trace, and we don’t know what happened to him,” I say. “We do know that he married and had at least one child. What if the child survived?”
My mother is quiet for a moment. “Yes, I suppose you’re right,” she finally says. “I’ll help you in any way that I can, but I’ll leave the digging and the letter writing to you.”
My father, who has been listening mostly silently through all this, gets up to make more tea while Mom continues talking. It takes her almost an hour to retell the old stories. She gives me as much information as she can, including my grandmother’s photographs. Some have handwritten messages in Yiddish and are addressed on the back to my grandmother from her sisters and brother Yosef in Poland, and there are two from Benjamin in Paris. Though my mother speaks Yiddish, she can’t read or write it. I make a mental note to find someone who can translate the words on the back of Benjamin’s Paris photographs for me.
I drive home carefully; the rain and sleet have turned into wet snow. Curiosity takes over and I cannot resist the urge to begin some research. I walk into my office, having almost forgotten what precipitated the afternoon’s events, and my tidy desk takes me by surprise. I turn on my computer and stare at my home page, wondering where to begin. I have only a few names and some photographs. I know so little about the plight of the French Jews during World War II; I have no addresses for the family in Paris. All I know about the location of my grandmother’s family in Poland is that they lived near Radom. I begin running searches on Google, and I bookmark, download and print every piece of information that seems relevant, translating the French documents as best I can.
The Central Database for Shoah Victims’ Names at Yad Vashem in Jerusalem has recently gone online and I check out the website. I click on the database and run a search for Benjamin Album — last known address Paris — but the search is unsuccessful. I run a second search, changing the spelling to Albaum. I pull myself up in my chair, lean forward and hold my breath for a few seconds when two documents appear on the screen: one page of testimony from an individual and the other from a list of deportations from France. A slight shiver runs up my back when I open the two pages and carefully read each line.

About the Author:

Fiona Gold Kroll was born in London, England where she attended university before immigrating to Toronto in the 1960s. Fiona worked as a fashion buyer until she married and had two children. After the death of her husband, she pursued a career in corporate research. In her spare time, Fiona began investigating her family tree.
Fiona wrote a summary about her great-uncle, which was published in Un train parmi tant d’autres, a French memoir about Auschwitz-destined Convoy 6. Fiona later published a short store, “The butterfly Effect,” in 2013. A Stone for Benjamin is her first book.
Happily remarried, Fiona continues to write in Toronto, Ontario.

Connect With The Author:
Facebook -  A Stone for Benjamin
Facebook – Fiona Gold Kroll (author)
Kirkus Reviews
Linkedin: Fiona Gold Kroll
Pinterest:  Fiona Gold Kroll

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Young Adult Spotlight: Glory Days by Patrick Szabo


Matt is heading into his senior year of high school and has the world at his feet.
School comes easy for him. He’s the lead guitar player in a hard rock band, about to embark on their first gig. He has a job he likes, a car he doesn’t, a best friend he hopes to be friendlier with, and a pretty good set of parents. He has it all.
Until he doesn’t.
His dad suddenly begins acting strange and keeping odd hours. Matt has his own life to live, though, and doesn’t pay it much attention. Until he wakes up one morning to find his dad gone, leaving behind only a short note to his mother, setting into motion a chain of events that sends Matt down a dangerous path that could jeopardize his present as well as his future. Forced to quit a job he likes, he must take on a new job to help his mother out financially, but one that also eats into his ever important social life as well as school. Adding to his troubles, his best friend, Dawn, has a new boyfriend. 
Matt can’t wait to become a member of the Class of 1989, but first he must get out of 1988 alive.
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Barnes andNoble 

About the Author:

Patrick Szabo has been writing stories and novels for over two decades. His day job is driving truck and he writes in the mornings and night. He gets a few minutes of sleep between the two careers.
Originally an army brat from Ohio, he lived in Germany for 10 months, and then his father got stationed in Fort Jackson, SC. Patrick spent the next eight years in Columbia, SC and moved back to Ohio in 1990.
He has lived there ever since.

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Unlocking the Social Potential in Autism by Dr. Karina Poirier Spotlight Post and Giveaway

Virtual Book Tour Dates:  5/12/14 - 6/9/14

Genres:  Non-fiction, Education

Tour Price: The Kindle version will be discounted by 50% during the tour!


Parents are hit with an avalanche of emotions when they receive the news that their child has autism. It is understandable that many parents default to feelings of denial, guilt, and hopelessness; however, what is not easily recognized is the powerful opportunity parents have to unlock their child s social potential.

Karina Poirier, Psy.D., BCBA-D, offers her expertise in this book that parents will find incredibly useful. Dr. Poirier has provided in simple, easy to comprehend language, an overview of child development, a descriptive explanation of how autism affects each developmental area, and guidelines for advancing your child s functioning in all developmental domains.

The book contains a multitude of hands-on, full-color sample lessons for teaching social and emotional skills, language, problem-solving and decision making, and play skills to children with autism.

Book Trailer


(From the Foreword written by a parent):   

In our journey towards recovery, we came across many therapists, psychologists, doctors, and other professionals. We realize now that they were not all created equal.

There were some professionals—luckily only a few—whose involvement in our children’s lives was clearly just another mediocre job to them. However, we owe an immense amount of gratitude to many others for the loving and kind ways in which they contributed to our children’s progress. Dr. Poirier, whom the children affectionately call ’Dr. Karina,’ singularly stands out in a long line of people we have met along the way. She is the person to whom we are most grateful.

We met Dr. Poirier almost three years ago when my husband and I took our daughter Claire to her to help with Claire’s extreme social difficulties. Claire hardly had any friends at school; she was extremely shy around her peers. By that time, we had tried everything—even going so far as to drive almost 100 miles at a time for treatment. We enrolled Claire in multiple social classes and social groups, but all to no effect. We had to wait about a month for a spot to open up in Dr. Poirier’s schedule, but when she finally had an available time to schedule Claire for treatment, we took it immediately. Claire made incredible progress under Dr. Poirier’s treatment plan. Claire has since graduated from Dr. Poirier’s sessions and is currently thriving in the 6th grade. She has several close friends and she frequently gets invited to play dates; and she shares stories with my husband and me about how much fun she is having at school.

Adam started seeing Dr. Poirier as well. Adam’s issues are broader and more complex than Claire’s. With Dr. Poirier’s guidance and expertise, Adam too is growing, maturing, and bridging the gap that has for long distinguished him from typical kids his age.

Adam continues to work with Dr. Poirier, and he has made remarkable progress in the two years he has been seeing her. He is learning about socially acceptable behavior, perspective taking, how to maintain conversations, how to regulate his emotions, how to be a good friend, and how to make and keep friends. Adam is currently an A student in the 7th grade, and he has several good friends at school. It is almost as if a fog has been lifted from Adam.

What makes Dr. Poirier different is that she sees each child as a whole person. In the past, I often felt that the professionals who interacted with Adam saw him only in the scope of one developmental area. The speech therapist, for instance, saw Adam only in the context of his language development, while the occupational therapist saw Adam only in the context of his motor and sensory development without concerning herself too much about his lack of social skills or lack of language, and so forth. Dr. Poirier works with the child to advance all developmental areas, such as the child’s language, emotional growth, cognitive skills, and social skills as a whole. She has a true passion for helping children and their families struggling with autism and other disabilities.

I am honored that Dr. Poirier asked me to write the foreword to her book. While I feel completely unworthy, and though my words could never do justice to emphasize the value of her work, the fact that Dr. Poirier asked me, the parent of one of her patients, to write this foreword shows the nature of her character. Certainly there are countless professionals in the field who would have loved to write the foreword for this book, but it is the mother’s view, the family’s perspective, that means the most to Dr. Poirier.

I am so excited that Dr. Poirier’s book will be available to children and families who, due to distance, finance, or other circumstances, may never have the opportunity to work with her one- on-one. They will now be able to benefit from the same treatment and therapies she uses with the children who she works with every day in her clinical practice.

Buy Links:

Amazon Kindle
Amazon Paperback

About the Author:

Dr. Karina Poirier is the Director of the Center for Social Cognition, a board certified behavior analyst at the doctoral level (BCBA-D), and a certified cognitive educational therapist. Her clinical practice is devoted to providing outstanding individual and group therapy that improves social and cognitive outcomes for individuals with autism, ADHD, Traumatic Brain Injury, and related disorders. 


The author is giving away a $50 Amazon gift card! The giveaway will run the length of the tour. Enter through Rafflecopter!

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Triumph! A Battle Plan for Joy by Gladys Simmons Carson

Title: Triumph! A Battle Plan for Joy
Author: Gladys Simmons Carson
Genre: Inspirational Memoir
When medical malpractice takes the life of her mother and the offense is dismissed as an unfortunate mistake, it rips a hole in seven-year-old Gladys’ heart and ignites fire in her anger. This act of gross negligence strips her of the joyful delight that has characterized her existence. Before she can grasp the full meaning of her loss, fate takes her on a journey through a series of harsh realities, including devastating child abuse, demeaning segregation and destructive thinking. These unsavory enemies assault her on all fronts, physically, mentally, spiritually and emotionally. But the child warrior uses youthful wisdom to triumph over the effects of them all. Her prize is a resurgence of bountiful joy. You may laugh or cry, but you will definitely cheer for the child warrior in TRIUMPH! A BATTLE PLAN FOR JOY.

Author Bio
Gladys Simmons Carson is an inspirational speaker and author of the much-talked-about memoir, “Triumph! A Battle Plan for Joy. For more than 45 years she has challenged and encouraged audiences with her message of assurance. Now in her debut book she gives insight into how we too can choose joy despite our circumstances.

Her passion for writing stems from an early introduction to the written word. By age three she was reading her older siblings’ school books. By age four she was introduced to her first novel, Betty Smith’s “A Tree Grows in Brooklyn.” This early exposure gave birth to a love affair with books and a fascination for writing. By the time she reached adult status, she had evolved into a natural encourager with a wealth of information to share, and a zeal for sharing.


Book Excerpts
New Era; New Battles

In the hostility of segregated existence, African American parents protected their children from much of racism’s viciousness. They forewent their own comfort, and yes, their pride, to spare the children. They suffered indignities, withstood inhumanities, suppressed anger, masked resentment, and silently bore the pains of belittlement. Yet they held their heads high, and defeated the shame, finding solace in their hope for future generations.

As dictated by Jim Crow, we lived in our own communities, attended our own churches and schools, and enjoyed our own concerts and dances. On Saturdays, we went to see our own movies at the Harlem Theater. A few times we climbed some outside stairs to sit in the balcony at the Majestic Theater, precluding any contact with White moviegoers. They showed better films there. But the awkwardness of the experience underscored our relegation to second-class citizenship. So we preferred substandard movies at the Harlem Theater over substandard treatment at the Majestic.

While still a teenager, ambition enticed me to venture beyond the bounds of community to explore summer job opportunities beyond the invisible walls. I surrendered to the enticement. Equipped with the best preparation available, I stepped from behind my family’s protective shield, out of the village, and into the White man’s world.

I entered that world confident I had everything I needed to succeed: the forewarnings of family and friends, above-average intelligence, deep-rooted motivation, theoretical awareness of real-world inequities, and a philosophy for coping with face-to-face racism. Yet, despite my strong will and careful preparation, I still lacked the wherewithal to circumvent a simple reality—the incompatibility of hard-core bigotry and my genetic makeup.

I did not know to pretend ignorance and hold my head down in a posture of insecurity. Therefore, my uppity insolence offended the White interviewers. That quickly took me out of the running for the summer “Colored” jobs advertised in the Dallas Times Herald. So I returned to the village empty-handed.


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Christian Book Feature: Daily Spiritual Vitamins and Minerals For Your Soul

Book Blast Date: 5/7/14
Genres: Christian Devotional/Bible Study
Promo Price: $1.99 on 5/7/14


Only God Can Heal You Both Spiritually and Physically!
Oftentimes, the vicissitudes of life get in the way of building an intimate relationship with God. We live in a fast-paced society and sometimes feel overwhelmed to the point that we question God’s plan for our life. Daily Spiritual Vitamins and Minerals for Your Soul offers a dozen meditational reflections, supported by daily key verse, as a regulator to give our lives the rhythm we need to enhance our self-esteem, elevate our morale, increase our faith, and strengthen our fellowship with the Lord. We all need vitamins and minerals to stay physically healthy, and we need the Word of God to remain spiritually healthy. These pages contain nuggets of peace and wisdom for a troubled society and its weary people–and with daily meditation and reflection on God’s Word, you will nourish your soul and soothe your spirit.


Daily Spiritual Vitamins and Minerals for Your Soul
Myrlande E. Sauveur
Outskirts Press (2013)
ISBN: 9781478713159

Reviewed By Richard R. Blake for Reader Views (11/13)
In her book “Daily Spiritual Vitamins and Minerals for Your Soul,” Myrlande E. Sauveur encourages the reader to “feed your soul as you feed your body every day.” This concept captures the essence of her chapter themes, selected scripture readings, significant life narratives, and meaningful personal prayers.
Each chapter is designed to follow a calendar year with a reading for each day of the month. These monthly chapters are well formatted. Each chapter includes a theme title, a theme verse for the month, a personal illustration with a life application lesson, a prayer, and a verse for reflection and meditation for each day of the month. The chapter ends with two pages for recording personal notes or journal entries throughout the month.
Chapter themes include topics such as: waiting on God, God’s love, God’s faithfulness, our loneliness, controlling anger, and dealing with depression. Answers to the question, “Why Me, Lord?” are considered in light of scriptures dealing with trials and testing.
I found the chapter God’s Plan and Purpose for My Life affirmed by the theme verse Jeremiah 29:11, “I (God) know the plans I have for you…” and by the daily verses that promise instruction, guidance, and protection.
Guest contributor, Daniella B. Pierre summarized her thoughts this way: “God holds you in the palm of His hand. He knows your every struggle, disappointment, heartache, and every unfair situation.” The daily promises that follow offer hope, healing, and cheer in times of all these difficult situations.
“Daily Spiritual Vitamins and Minerals for Your Soul” is excellent as a companion to your regular intake of God’s word in Bible study, devotional reading and mediation. It is also ideal for gift giving for any occasion.

Buy Links:


About the Author:

Myrlande E. Sauveur was born in Haiti. She came to the United States when she was 17 years old to further her education.  She started writing poetry and short stories at a very early age. Some of her writings won national recognition back in her homeland. Although she had a passion for and excelled in writing, she never major in English literature or communication in college. She obtained her MBA in Business Management from Strayer University and kept writing on the side as her main hobby and a place to escape when life became too overwhelming.
In August 2009, she was recognized by Cambridge Who’s Who for demonstrating dedication, leadership and excellence in marketing. She is the author of Daily Spiritual Vitamins and Minerals for Your Soul; she is 2013 Readers Favorite International Bronze Medal Recipient in the Christian Devotional/Bible study. In early December, she was voted the Grand Prize Winner of 2013/2014 50 Great Writers You Should Be Reading contest hosted by the Authors Show. She recently received a Gold Medal from the 2013 Illumination Book Awards “Shining a Light on Exemplary Christian Books”. Recently featured on as one of the Inspirational Luminaries sharing her 500 words of wisdom with the world “the 7 Pearls of Wisdom for a Happy and Fulfilled Life”. She is a health and wellness consultant, teaching people how to live a healthy and well-balanced life.  She is the co-founder of Dorcas Foundation, a nonprofit organization that focuses on helping Haitian college students and women in the community.

Author Links: